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The mountain backdrop in POWERFUL ELEPHANT POSTER reminds us how powerful and big an elephant is. Many other animals would probably look small with this backdrop! Did you know that grown elephants generally don't have any predators? The biggest danger to these majestic animals are humans who hunt them for their tusks. We love animals and prefer to use cruelty free posters when decorating walls with artwork.
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Jesper and his team has done such a great job with their designs. I was super satisfied with the purchase experience, as well as the products I received.


I really liked the uniqueness of some of the posters. Delivery was fast and the they looked exactly like on the website.


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How it started

Taking inspiration from timeless Scandinavian design and the 2000+ design projects we have taken part in ourselves, the main goal of Scandinavian Walls is to offer you the best of the best according to the latest trends and our own expertise. It all started with the founder, Jesper, creating the Instagram account @scandinavianhomes, which now has 1 million+ followers. The dream was always to be able to expand the offering beyond posting inspirational photos from the stylings, and that is why we are here. Welcome to Scandinavian Walls.