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V Did you know that all this started with an Instagram account? The year was 2013 and our founder (who was unaware at the time) Jesper Laursen had moved to Stockholm to study to become a realtor. Parallel with his studies he worked extra as an assistant at a real estate agency. During this period of his life he moved around a lot and styled his own apartments. He quickly noticed that the response was good and that his projects were picked up by blogs and Instagram accounts. Jesper's interest in interior design intensified and in the end the number of saved inspirational pictures on his phone were so many that the memory kept running out. The solution was an Instagram account which was named @jespersbilder (meaning Jesper’s pictures in Swedish) where all photos were collected. After a while, he realized that it would always be valuable to have a large Instagram account. He saw it as a future advantage when working as a realtor. In an effort to increase the number of followers a first step was to change the name of the account. The style was quickly defined as Scandinavian and when @scandinavianhomes was available, Jesper immediately felt that it was a jackpot. In the beginning his content was a mix of his own projects and inspirational photos he loved. Time passed and the account grew gradually. When friends, colleagues and later followers got in touch and wanted help with home styling, it was time to take the next step. The company Scandinavian Homes was registered in January 2016. Today the team has helped over 2,000 people with the interior design in their homes. Primarily in Stockholm but also in other cities such as London and New York. In October 2019, another major milestone was reached when the number of followers on Instagram exceeded 1,000,000 – making the account the world’s largest working with Scandinavian design.

Några ord från Jesper

"Finally being able to share and express my passion for interior design through posters that I have picked by hand is truly an honor. If you have found your way here to Scandinavian Walls, I just want to say thank you. I hope you will love the designs as much as I do."

– Jesper Laursen, Founder of Scandinavian Walls


The world's largest Instagram account with Scandinavian interior design.

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